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Hapbee Device Technical Issues

My Hapbee won’t connect. What do I do?

When you’re pairing your device is the status light solid or blinking?. If the status light is solid, a simple reset will likely do the trick. To reset your device follow these steps:. =================. If the status light is flashing. It may be an

How do I know when it needs to be charged?

If the battery is completely drained then the status light will not turn on. When you're battery is low the status  light on the back of Hapbee will light up Red when you turn it on. Plug it in to charge it. When it turns solid green Hapbee will be r

How do I dim the logo light?

Go to the devices menu, to the brightness bar, and slide to the left to dim the logo light.

How can I wash the headband?

We do not recommend submerging the device in water. To wash the headband we reconnect your wipe it down with a damn cloth or alcohol solution

Error 5772

If you received error 5772 when attempting to pair your hapbee device. Please contact support for troubleshooting.