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My Hapbee won’t connect. What do I do?Updated 2 years ago

When you’re pairing your device is the status light solid or blinking?

If the status light is solid, a simple reset will likely do the trick.

To reset your device follow these steps:

  • Confirm your Hapbee is off (no lights are on)
  • Hold the Power Button down for 15 seconds. The logo light will turn on and off once, and device will vibrate a single pulse
  • Wait 15 seconds and Power On again (press Power button once), The Status light should now be blinking green


If the status light is flashing. It may be an issue with the way your phone is trying to connect to the Hapbee:

  • Make sure you are connecting your device through the ‘Devices’ tab in the Hapbee app or the ‘Connect Device’ banner in the Hapbee app
  • The Hapbee will not connect through your phone’s system settings (where you might find connection info for a car or wireless speaker connection)
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