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I already paid for my Hapbee Sleep Pad, do I have to pay for my subscription as well?Updated 2 years ago

 Your Hapbee Sleep Pad comes pre-bundled with a limited number of Digital Blends that are available for use as long as you own your Sleep Pad. The specific pre-bundled blends are confirmed at the time of sale and are reflected in your Hapbee membership profile. This ensures that you can always enjoy the core benefits of your Hapbee Sleep Pad - whether you choose to subscribe to one of our extended-value subscriptions or not. 

Your Sleep Pad also comes with a FREE 30-Day Trial of our all-access membership plan - which allows you to explore the growing catalog of Digital Blends, Routines, and Integrations. You may choose to subscribe, unsubscribe or alter your subscription at any time.

The subscription model allows us to reinvest in innovation and R&D to add new features and benefits so your Hapbee experience is constantly evolving and improving. It also puts you in control of how you want to use Hapbee.

For any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected] or visit us at https://help.hapbee.com/en-US

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