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Your Hapbee device comes pre-bundled with a limited number of Digital Blends that are available for use as long as you own your device. The specific pre-bundled blends are confirmed at time of sale and are reflected in your Hapbee membership profile.

Does The Money-Back Guarantee Cover Subscription Costs?

Our 100-Day money-back guarantee covers physical products that can be returned only. If you have been charged for Hapbee membership access or other digital services and used your Hapbee beyond the free trial period those subscription fees are not ref

How much does the subscription cost?

The Hapbee Blends subscription is $19 USD per month, billed every 30 days. You can adjust or cancel your Blends subscription at any time

Can i cancel my subscription?

The Hapbee Blends subscription can be adjusted or canceled at any time, in order to cancel your subscription please contact customer service at [email protected]