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Getting Started with Your Hapbee

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Getting Started with your Wearable

Still having trouble connecting? Get in touch and we'll get you up and running. We're here to help!Phone: 1 888 841 7086Email: [email protected]: Click here - LIVE CHATLive Video Call: https://calendly.com/hapbee-onboarding/support-call

Creating Your Account

To Login or create a new account click here

Charge your Hapbee

Unbox and charge your Hapbee device for at least 3 hours

Downloading the app

Hapbee App. Download the Hapbee App on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play Store. Log in to the app using the email address and password created when checking out. When you purchased your Hapbee Device, you should have created a logi

Choose your Blend or Routine

Choosing your Hapbee Blend or Routine. Choose a Blend or routine to play through the Hapbee app and enjoy!. Remember, everyone’s body is different. While some people feel the effects of Hapbee right away, it can take others upwards of 15-30 minutes.